Delivering Specialized Solutions to the Italian Healthcare Market

About Us

F.A.S.E. is a well-established Italian medical device distribution partner. The Company was founded in 1986 by a seasoned team with backgrounds in General Surgery and MIS with world-leading corporations.

Our company has continually fostered a culture of innovation by sourcing out market-leading products. We provide a broad range of surgical products and niche solutions that best fulfill our customers’ requirements for quality and value.

We take pride in our history as a long-standing Italian distribution partner with employees that share our values for excellence. We operate in S. East Italy, on the beautiful Adriatic Coast. Our facilities have state-of-the-art logistics, IT systems. We fully adhere to ISO9001 Quality Management Systems



F.A.S.E. thrives on having a highly dedicated team who shares our company mission and values. Our experienced sales team has strong clinical knowledge, expertise, and provides best-in-class sales and after sales service throughout the Italian market. F.A.S.E. team comprises strong professionals who have worked in the General Surgery and Laparoscopic fields for a great number of years. They deeply understand the operating room environment, keep close to our customers, guaranteeing continuous professional support and immediate product delivery. F.A.S.E places strong focus on training and customer service. We are proud to have a team of committed employees who have established F.A.S.E. as a valuable, trusted supplier in the Italian market. space


virgo  I have worked with F.A.S.E. for over 20 years. The Company has constantly provided my team with innovative and high quality products from leading partners, in-depth trainings, tools and support to best serve my customers and establish the partners successfully in the Italian market.

Stefano R. , Area Manager, F.A.S.E.

virgo  I am proud to represent a well-reputed distribution partner for over 30 years such as F.A.S.E.. I can rely on my company to constantly satisfy my customers with best product solutions, and highest level customer service.

 Luciano S. , Product Specialist, F.A.S.E.

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